Areas of Expertisess


Team management

  • Animation and Team Management
  • Workforce and skills management
  • Follow-up of formations and evolutions
  • Training courses
  • Suitability Charge / Capacity with temporary employment
  • Negotiation and management of salary changes


  • Creation of a Quality Management System based on ISO9001: 2008 and EN9100: 2009
  • Passage and certification Part21G (Aeronautical Production)
  • Passage and achievement of ISO9001: 2008 and EN9100: 2009 certifications
  • Passage and certification Part145 (Aeronautical Maintenance)
  • Group internal auditor and supplier audits
    Quality control in production
  • PDCA Continuous Improvement Approach
  • International customer relations

Production and Methods

  • Monitoring the production process
  • Management of capacities and means of production
  • Process Improvement (Kaizen, Smed, 5S)
  • Workshop reorganization (flow optimization and ergonomics)

Project management

  • Coordination of industrial and logistic projects
  • Setting up a Part21G certified production workshop
  • Launch of new products
  • Management and animation of working groups